Dr Ali Reza Bastani

I started my social career 35 years ago when I completed my teacher’s training college then I performed as a teacher at state high schools. Due to my personality, I was functioning in different fields of activities as in freelancer by preparing T.V. reports from the international conferences held in Iran. It has been my passion to be working in political sections, so I got into the ministry of foreign affairs and next I was assigned to a diplomatic mission to Zimbabwe for some months. Working at the ministry of foreign affairs gave me enough experience to collaborate in the section of international affairs in a variety of different state offices such the Meteorological organization, Ministry of Guidance, Tehran International school, international cultural center affiliated to Tehran municipality and within the recent years I have founded the Association of Iran Media Literacy (AIMEL). During these years, I have been completing my studies in the social communication in M.Sc. degree and continued my PhD in the same major when I decided to found the AIMEL as the first NGO in media literacy in Iran. It has been my best interest to contribute in journalism for thirty years by publishing the sport news in Azadi weekly, during the time I was invited to Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (I.R.I.B) as a sport program presenter and later the political news anchorman and recently as an editorial board of NOAVARAN newspaper. I have been also teaching at the Jame Scientific university for 15 years teaching public relations and journalism. I have been the political commentator in the Press T.V
I have been producing some educational media content for my students published in the AIMEL website and social media. I have held so many workshops, seminars and webinars in the ministry of education and at schools as well as Tehran municipality districts. I have written some articles, translated academic books in journalism and have authored books of “the alphabet of media literacy”, “a journalism protocol in publishing the social vulnerabilities in Iran” and “international news reporting”.
I have been practicing different martial arts in Taekwondo, Wado Ryo Karate holding Dan 3, and Kyokushin Karate holding Dan 4 in a period of forty years and currently I am a Karate coach.

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