Dr Ambrish Saxena

Dr Ambrish Saxena (https://ambrishsaxena.com/) is a celebrated media communicator, educationist, researcher, journalist, broadcaster and development expert. He has worked on all media platforms – print, radio, TV, films and digital during four decades of his career.
Dr Saxena has published more than 20 research papers in journals and books. He has presented more than 50 papers in National-International Conferences. He has guided/has been supervising 20 PhD and M Phil students. He has been associated with more than 20 universities in various capacities.
Dr Saxena is Vice President of Global Media Education Council (GMEC). He has visited China, Australia, United States, UAE, Egypt, Portugal, Spain and France in pursuance of his academic interest. He has 46 books to his credit as sole author, main author, chapter writer, editor and co-editor.
Dr Saxena has remained associated with 2 research projects of AIR and WHO in IIMC during 1990s. He has organized 6 Seminars/Conferences as Convener/Organizing Secretary in association with UNESCO, CEMCA, ICSSR and Deakin University, Australia

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