Dr. Venoos Behnoud

I am Venus Behnood, born in 1984 in Ardabil province. After elementary school, I continued my education in middle school and high school at Tizhushan School(sampad). After entering the university, I graduated from Mohaghegh Ardabili University with a bachelor’s degree in pure physics. At the same time, I started my professional activities with academic counseling in Alavi and Ghalamchi institutions, and I started working in the local press of the province. In 1989, I started working with national news agencies and newspapers and at the same time I started my MBA studies at Payame Noor University in Tehran with a master’s degree. In 1998, I started studying for a PhD in Media Management at Tehran University of Science and Research, and living in Tehran, I started my career in 1400 in the Organization for the Regulation of Audio-Visual Media (Satra). My master’s thesis was on the relationship between media literacy and strategic thinking of managers, and one of my research concerns is the subject of media literacy.

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