Mohamed Bakry

Mohamed Bakry is Driven by Innovation to give business and technical support to those who are playing a role in developing wise communities. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, 20+ years of experience in developing innovative projects in software.
He supported 30+ startups, developed and supported 15 patents, got 10 international rewards and certificates, Implemented 56 SaaS and Enterprise Projects (Web and Mobile Apps) in many areas like educational systems (LMS, SMS), interactive systems, gamification techniques to involve employees, trainees, and even parents in the educational process. He supported many researchers to convert their approaches into practical activities, marketing publicities through all social networks, he created curriculums and courses in many fields like personal development for adults, Montessori for kids and parents, further, he worked as an editor in educational articles, story writing, ads copy, social media blogging, built electronic magazine and managed operations for the content team.

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