The Role of Media and Culture-2005

 The Role of Media and Culture-2005

Language Wars
The Role of Media and Culture
in Global Terror and Political Violence

Jeff Lewis

I would like to express my profound gratitude to Belinda, Jay and Sian without 
whose support and friendship this book could not have been written.
My thanks also to Liz Shuter, John Hill and Jordie Hill for providing such a
conducive space in which to write Language Wars.
Thanks to the School of Applied Communication at RMIT University and to the 
University’s Research and Innovation sector for their direct fi nancial support
Thanks to my colleagues at the Globalism Institute for their invaluable
intellectual input and good humour. My gratitude is also extended to my many
students and colleagues who have made my life as an academic so rich and
rewarding. I would like to acknowledge David Castle and the team at pluto press
for their considerable faith, enthusiasm and encouragement.

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