The students media knowledge education promotes their media compotency

 The students media knowledge education promotes their media compotency

The media Literacy education is a newly based discussion in Iran, which has evoked scholars to take the practical research stances for establishing a novel science knowledge. The author believed that the media literacy education should be localized in any country if it is to going to represent its consequences effectively upon the cultural, traditional and social components. Since the article was taken out of the author’s PhD dissertation, he planned to design an indigenous model to educating the media literacy effectively nationwide. To do so, the author chose the theories of “the cultural studies”, “New London Group” and “the political media literacy for his survey with a population of 384 tenth grade students. He reviewed two groups of variables to predict the media literacy level among the students for which the dependent variable was the students’ media literacy and the independent ones were the students’ knowledge of media, the ways of media productions and the critical thoughts. The author considered the Knowledge of media including four sub-categories as the economics, politics, culture and the religious components. The data gathered led him to a model named “PERC” for which the abbreviations stand as P for Politics, E for Economics, R for Religion and C for Culture


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